CrossFit Eternal is located in the University area of Charlotte, NC within walking distance of the Blue line light rail. We were founded in 2010 on principles of fitness, community, accountability, and integrity. It is our mission to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. Our community-based strength and conditioning fitness programs have been proven effective globally and deliver unparalleled results.

At our gym you are not just a member but you are considered family. We believe in getting to know each and every one of our members on a personal level to not only help them be successful with their fitness goals but with all areas of life. From team competitions to spartan races to nights out on the town, at our gym you will never have felt more at home. 


CrossFit Eternal doesn't just hire trainers to fill space. Each of our trainers is not only certified in their area but truly gifted in the art of training individuals that meets them where they are and grows them based on their skills and capabilities. We will stretch you in a way that helps you learn things about yourself you may have never thought possible in all areas of your life. 

Our head Health and Nutrition Coach and Registered Nurse Danielle Long is gifted in the art of not only helping people to lose fat and gain muscle, but to create an overall picture of health in their lives as a whole. As a client of Coach Danielle you are not put into a box of what you must do, or eat, to reach your goals, but you are met where you are with a personalized plan to implement Habit Change in your life in order to sustain all of the knowledge and tools you are given in your coaching sessions. Change is a process and Coach Danielle makes it easy to trust that process. Change has never been so easy!


At CrossFit Eternal we truly believe community is everything. Running a successful gym has allowed us the ability to give back to the community in a truly rewarding way. We hold events for multiple charities and businesses in the city of Charlotte. 


We are also expanding our reach to the community of individuals with disabilities. We will be starting a special needs children's program on Saturdays run by our fitness instructor and SPED teacher Darien Cook along with Registered Nurse Danielle Long and professional athlete Josh Murray. We believe that children with disabilities are just like the rest of us who simply need a little extra support in some areas. We are here to train this next generation of athletes to the best of their abilities. Team work, social skills and confidence are the foundation of health and well being for children from all walks of life and at CrossFit Eternal it is our mission to help these children succeed.

Stay tuned for information about class start dates as well as opportunities to volunteer and upcoming fundraisers! 




CrossFit Eternal is dedicated to providing opportunities to expand the knowledge of its members. We provide frequent seminars led by experts in the fields of athletics. Follow us on Facebook for posts on seminars by Dr. Andrew Kenas PT, DPT, OCS, SCS on multiple topics on form and body mechanics!





CrossFit Eternal

7812 Tyner St

Charlotte, NC 28262

Phone: 704-921-8272

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