All the technical skills in the world will not help if you are unable to perform those skills under pressure. At CrossFit Eternal we believe the biggest contributor to your performance is your MINDSETWe prepare you for the mental strain of CrossFit so that you can consistently and effectively perform at a higher level. This kind of training not only improves your skills inside the gym, it improves your ability to handle situations that arise in every day life with a new mental outlook and strength of perspective.

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We strive to teach appropriate body mechanics and form every day in our classes. From the newest members to our CrossFit veterans our members gain experience and understanding of all of the 10 general physical skills. 

One area we believe sets us apart is that as a newcomer to CrossFit you are taken through our one-on-one Building Blocks program to ensure you have the foundations and skill to perform in our classes safely and effectively. Our CrossFit coaches ensure correct form is followed in each and every class to keep you safe and advancing toward your goals while staying injury free. 

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